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Post by Hannah Dailey on Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:29 am

With Phil Collins distinct voice and drumming all I knew is that I was a fan of his. Later when I wanted to collect all his music, I had trouble finding some because the music I wanted was actually on Genesis albums. Then I thought "Oh yeah...Genesis". So over the years I've had questions about the whole relationship between Phil Collins solo career and Genesis. Maybe any readers can answer and walk me through some of them.

1. How many other successful solo artists still belonged to a successful band?

2. Has Genesis ever had a successful album without Phil Collins? (if so what year?)

3. What was Genesis last album (not including albums with re-released tracks from prior years)

4. Did Phil Collins write any songs independently on any Genesis albums?

5. Did other Genesis band members write any songs for Phil Collins solo albums?

6. Did Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel help each other out on any of there solo albums? (song writing or promotions)

7. Did Phil Collins leave Genesis for solo career and come back? Or never left?

Thanks to anyone who can help me with curiosity. scratch

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